Polyhedrals and Police Boxes

by Pangalacticats

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released October 6, 2014




Pangalacticats Seattle, Washington

The Pangalacticats mash up rockabilly & blues, ska, Celtic rock, and vortex energy into danceable songs about their favorite stuff in the multiverse - sci-fi/fantasy, video games, table-top gaming, dimensional rift surfing, and every shiny thing.

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Track Name: Better With You
I'm going on a mission but something ain't right
Even though I got my turret and my level is high
Helping out Sir Hammerlock is all very cool,
But chasing down the bullymongs is better with you

With a game that's hoppin' and my friends with me
There'll be no stopping us, wait and see
I'm gaming tonight and I know it's true
Fighting the good fight is better with you.

Sitting at the table with papers and dice
Playing with friends, but something ain't right
Adventures in Forgotten Realms are all fun to do
But crawling through a dungeon is better with you


I'm gonna marathon a favorite show tonight
I got my DVDs but something ain't right
It's great to hang around with Mal and his crew
But bingeing on Firefly is better with you

With a show that's hoppin' and my friends with me
There'll be no stopping us, wait and see
I'm chillin' tonight and I know it's true
All my playin' time is better with you

I'm chilling tonight and I know it's true
All my playin' time is better with you
Track Name: So, That's When They Turned Into Zombies
Today is a milestone, the space probe has come home!
The world cheers and the scientists enjoy it.
It's entering the atmosphere, but wait a minute, look here!
Alien radioactivity, we must destroy it!

So, that's when they turned into zombies
Shambling here and there, zombies everywhere
Nowhere to go, nothing to do except eat
Old ragged clothes to wear, never washing their hair
They didn’t think it’d happen to them, but they turned into zombies

Behind the medical supplies, something of a surprise
Drums of experimental gas from the military.
There is nothing to fear, but let's move them out of here.
Lift it on the truck on the count of three.


Are we the only people left alive in the town?
Communications are out, and the grid is down
We have to stick together, help each other survive, until we can run…
Run for our lives!

All fans of astronomy, here is your chance to see
An asteroid from outside our galaxy
It's such a close fly-by, you can see it with your naked eye
But don't worry, there's no danger from the proximity


They’re all zombies, whoa-oh-oh-oh
Don’t let it happen to you!
Track Name: Come Along, Pond
Come along, Pond, come along, Pond
Where is the next place to go?
We have all of time and space so let's
Run and yell Geronimo!

Let's go to Venice in the 16th century
Romance for you and Rory, you won't notice me
You two go on and give Venice a whirl
I'll just be checking Calvierri's school for girls.
Oi! Oi! Oi!


Here we are in Rio de Janeiro for some fun
It certainly is cold, what happened to the sun?
Oops, we're in Wales in 2015
Let's talk to those folks with the big drilling machine.
Oi! Oi! Oi!


Let's go and visit Vincent van Gogh
And see why there's a strange figure in the church window
I feel bad you've forgotten someone who adored ya
But don't worry, soon we will visit the Pandorica.
Oi! Oi! Oi!
Track Name: Booker, Catch!
Things are bad in Columbia, about as bad as they can get
Just gotta bring 'em the girl and they'll wipe away the debt
But with Elizabeth by my side, you know she's gonna keep me supplied
With all the things that I need, this time I'm gonna succeed

Come on, tell me Booker, catch! Found some ammo!
Please tell me Booker, catch! Here's some money!
And when too many of them attack, if I fall you'll bring me back
Hey, here's some salts that I found in the trash! Booker, catch!

Riding on the sky-line, seeing bad guys everywhere
Need you to pick this lock, and then open up a tear
Because before we are seen, I need money for the vending machine
Upgrade my gear and my vigors too, with some help from you


Elizabeth, I'm running low, out of salts and short on ammo
Right now I'm kinda pinned down, can you find anything laying around?
Track Name: Nameless Things
In stories that we read and see
We run across things that are so scary
That they have no name, or else so strange
Think about them and you go insane
But people are curious and want to know
What are these things that affect us so
In the interest of science, without further ado
I will list them all for you. Let's go!

Yeah, they're unnamable
They have no names
We fear them
Because they're strange
And have no name
And usually want to eat us
Track Name: My Absinthe Confession
I want to tell you something, I hope I'm not too bold
Perhaps I shouldn't speak, but the absinthe has taken hold
Normally I behave with decorum and tact,
But looking at you now, I cannot hold back
I tell you truly, my heart is your possession
I mustn't, but I can't stop my absinthe confession

Your choice of goggles shows you're tasteful and you're wise
But don't put them on or I can't see your beautiful eyes
The corset on your waist, though it fits you perfectly,
That is where my own two arms should be
I tell you truly my heart is your possession
I mustn't, but I can't stop my absinthe confession

It may not be proper, but I wanted you to hear
The absinthe may be cloudy, but my mind is finally clear

I’m just a man of flesh and bone and muscle
I just can't resist those ruffles and that bustle
And your clothing shows your practicality,
Using gears and keys as such fine accessories
I tell you truly my heart is your possession
I mustn't, but I can't stop my absinthe confession
Track Name: Run, You Clever Boy

Run, you clever boy, and remember
Invaders in your timeline, and a secret defender
Attacked by the Great Intelligence and the whisper men
She was there to save you, but you missed her again

You went to Trenzalore to save your friends
Even though you knew it meant that this was the end
You fell and your good work was all erased
Until Clara stepped in to guard you across time and space


So many times she chose to die and never run
So you could carry on and be the clever one
How do you survive in such a hostile world?
With the unseen help of the Impossible Girl

Track Name: Cosplayers Rock The Con
Going out to play
Have some fun
With my friends, and we’ve
Just begun
These things we love
Bring us together
Put a costume on and
Make it even better

Cosplayers rock the con
Cosplayers rock the con
Bringing to life a world where we belong
Cosplayers rock the con
Track Name: Twenty-Rollin' Baby
I took my baby gaming at the outskirts of town
She pulled her miniatures out and put her dice bag down
When the action started she just couldn't be stopped
Rolling natural 20s every chance she got

She's my twenty-rollin' baby (roll those dice)
She's my twenty-rollin' baby (roll those dice)
When my baby starts rollin' everything'll be all right

We started up the game about seven o'clock
Saving the town from an evil warlock
He was throwing his spells but everyone he'd try
Was crashing up against my baby's 20 on the die


We were clearin' out the tower and having fun
I looked at the clock and it was half past one
She said now honey, don't get sore
All I wanna do is play a little bit more
Track Name: When The Chips Are Down
Got no money, no good at school
Xander you were everybody’s fool
But you got one of the biggest hearts around
We can count on you when the chips are down

Not a thinker, no good in a fight
Seems like you can’t do anything right
But you got one of the biggest hearts around
We can count on you when the chips are down

No superpower like Buffy
No smarts like Willow
No luck and talent like Oz
But with your friends in trouble it’s Go Cat Go!

Normal guy, all you got
Love and loyalty, but that’s a lot
You got one of the biggest hearts around
We can count on you when the chips are down