Twenty​-​Rollin' Baby

from by Pangalacticats

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I took my baby gaming at the outskirts of town
She pulled her miniatures out and put her dice bag down
When the action started she just couldn't be stopped
Rolling natural 20s every chance she got

She's my twenty-rollin' baby (roll those dice)
She's my twenty-rollin' baby (roll those dice)
When my baby starts rollin' everything'll be all right

We started up the game about seven o'clock
Saving the town from an evil warlock
He was throwing his spells but everyone he'd try
Was crashing up against my baby's 20 on the die


We were clearin' out the tower and having fun
I looked at the clock and it was half past one
She said now honey, don't get sore
All I wanna do is play a little bit more


from Polyhedrals and Police Boxes, released October 6, 2014




Pangalacticats Seattle, Washington

The Pangalacticats mash up rockabilly & blues, ska, Celtic rock, and vortex energy into danceable songs about their favorite stuff in the multiverse - sci-fi/fantasy, video games, table-top gaming, dimensional rift surfing, and every shiny thing.

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