So, That's When They Turned Into Zombies

from by Pangalacticats

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Today is a milestone, the space probe has come home!
The world cheers and the scientists enjoy it.
It's entering the atmosphere, but wait a minute, look here!
Alien radioactivity, we must destroy it!

So, that's when they turned into zombies
Shambling here and there, zombies everywhere
Nowhere to go, nothing to do except eat
Old ragged clothes to wear, never washing their hair
They didn’t think it’d happen to them, but they turned into zombies

Behind the medical supplies, something of a surprise
Drums of experimental gas from the military.
There is nothing to fear, but let's move them out of here.
Lift it on the truck on the count of three.


Are we the only people left alive in the town?
Communications are out, and the grid is down
We have to stick together, help each other survive, until we can run…
Run for our lives!

All fans of astronomy, here is your chance to see
An asteroid from outside our galaxy
It's such a close fly-by, you can see it with your naked eye
But don't worry, there's no danger from the proximity


They’re all zombies, whoa-oh-oh-oh
Don’t let it happen to you!


from Polyhedrals and Police Boxes, released October 6, 2014




Pangalacticats Seattle, Washington

The Pangalacticats mash up rockabilly & blues, ska, Celtic rock, and vortex energy into danceable songs about their favorite stuff in the multiverse - sci-fi/fantasy, video games, table-top gaming, dimensional rift surfing, and every shiny thing.

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