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Things are bad in Columbia, about as bad as they can get
Just gotta bring 'em the girl and they'll wipe away the debt
But with Elizabeth by my side, you know she's gonna keep me supplied
With all the things that I need, this time I'm gonna succeed

Come on, tell me Booker, catch! Found some ammo!
Please tell me Booker, catch! Here's some money!
And when too many of them attack, if I fall you'll bring me back
Hey, here's some salts that I found in the trash! Booker, catch!

Riding on the sky-line, seeing bad guys everywhere
Need you to pick this lock, and then open up a tear
Because before we are seen, I need money for the vending machine
Upgrade my gear and my vigors too, with some help from you


Elizabeth, I'm running low, out of salts and short on ammo
Right now I'm kinda pinned down, can you find anything laying around?


from Polyhedrals and Police Boxes, released October 6, 2014




Pangalacticats Seattle, Washington

The Pangalacticats mash up rockabilly & blues, ska, Celtic rock, and vortex energy into danceable songs about their favorite stuff in the multiverse - sci-fi/fantasy, video games, table-top gaming, dimensional rift surfing, and every shiny thing.

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